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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Make Your Passion Your Business

Author: Gary Page
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Seventy percent of all workers hate their jobs. So says a recent Gallup poll. Job dissatisfaction leads to high absenteeism, employee turnover, and lost productivity. Enjoying what you do can make the difference between merely getting by in business and excelling in it. The greatest satisfaction, and the highest income, accrues to those who pursue their passions. Here is how to find yours.

First, make a chronological list of several peak moments in your life. Begin by recalling a particularly happy time before you started school. Then, note a peak experience that occurred during your elementary school years. The next could have happened while you were in high school. Then, think of one when you were a young adult. You get the idea.

Now, think back. What made these moments special to you? Was it the attention paid to you? Perhaps it was your feeling of accomplishment. Maybe it was the exhilaration of the experience itself. Whatever made each of these moments special then is what drives you now. That is what makes you perfectly suitable to do what you ought to be doing for your living. It is what makes you exceed even your own expectations.

Next, consider what you do well that others do not. Perhaps, you have a feel for what makes a great picture. Maybe you are a powerful encourager or team leader. On the other hand, you may be great with cars, or an expert sailor. What you do most effortlessly is also a signpost to your passion.

Finally, think about what you can create with your talent. For example, my friend, Barry Shainbaum, is an accomplished photographer who recently released his new book, Hopeand Heroes. Barry takes powerful pictures for which others gladly pay good money. Through his camera lens, Barry not only found his way out of bipolar disease, but also got to meet and photograph some of the most accomplished men and women of our time.

My wife, a people-oriented woman, has a passion for art. This talent she displayed early in life. During her many stays in Welland hospital, in appreciation for their care, she draws caricatures of the staff, then, gives them the artwork. She has also sold many of her paintings and drawings as well. Art thieves so admired some of them, that they deftly removed all of her pieces from one collector’s home.

An uncle had a passion for selling ideas. A visionary, he turned his passion into a career. First hired as a “copyboy,” he became Vice-President of Marketing for the largest retail chain in the Southern United States at that time, Maison Blanc in New Orleans, Louisiana.

You, too, have some special skill, interest--some “thing”--you can do better than anyone you know can do it. If you have not done so already, you can turn that talent into a service or product for which others will gladly pay you.

Get a handle on your passion. What you cannot do well, give to others. Do what you do best. Hire, or partner with, others who do what they do better than you can do it. Let everything else go. Focus like a laser-beam on your passion. You will love what you do and you will never work a day in your life!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Keeping A Schedule For Your Home Business

Many people dream of working for themselves. They want the freedom that comes with the work at home lifestyle and the freedom of being their own boss. However, with that new found freedom comes a responsibility of keeping organized and sometimes, even working harder than you did when you were employed for someone else.

It is a good idea to set a schedule for your work at home business. Try to set hours in which you can work with the least amount of distractions. Set aside a workspace that is “off limits” during your work hours. Notify your family and friends of your schedule. It is easy for loved ones and friends to take advantage of you by asking for errands and favors during the day.
Once in awhile is fine, but remember, running too many errands or favors will cost you time and time is money!

Try to stay focused during your work hours. It is easy to be tempted to go and do other fun things. The point of setting your hours is to be the most productive during that time. You don’t want a backlog of work for things you’ve pushed aside for later. Work will catch up with you and make you more stressed out than necessary.

Remember to take breaks as well. It’s easy to fall into the trap of working well into the night. Running your own business is hard work but the beauty of being your own boss is working the hours that you want. Give yourself a starting time and an ending time to your work day. Personally, I feel much more productive in the afternoons and evenings versus waking up early and doing the typical 9 to 5.

The hardest part of keeping a schedule is disciplining yourself to do so. Find the hours that work for you and get used to a daily routine. You will feel more productive and still have the freedom you dreamed about.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

How To Choose The Best Home Based Business
by: Brian Pratt

If ever there was a time to start your best home based business - now is the time! There has never been such a large amount of information so readily available on the subject as there is now. Help abounds for you.

In this article, I will give you just a preview of what is out there, and how you might go about getting started.

Types of Home Based Businesses Available

Every business, whether in your home, storefront, or high-rise, consists of basically two types. You can provide a product, or a service.

Provide A Product

This traditional type of business requires being able to manufacture the product, distribute it, and store enough of it to meet demand. Here are a few ideas for this:

· Restaurant or catering
· Selling on e-bay
· Selling an invention
· Custom-designed sweatshirts, etc.
· Selling books (bound, or electronic)
· Product assembly, etc.

Another option to making the product yourself that is very popular, is to sell other people's products - become an affiliate. This way the manufacturing, shipping and storing aspect, of delivery is handled for you - your main task is to advertise, take the orders, and follow through. For many online companies, however, about all you have to do is build websites, learn how to promote them adequately - and the company does the rest. This is so easy, that it could become your best home based business rather easily.

Provide A Service

The other type of home based business is that of providing a service. This could include:

· Typing resumes
· Data entry
· Cleaning offices
· Administrative assistant
· Writing and editing
· Travel agent
· Car repair

Both these types of businesses will allow you operate as an independent, or if you have some money to invest, there are companies that will allow you to franchise (ex. - Servicemaster, Snap-On Tools, WSI Internet, etc.). This means that you can pay a fee, get some marketing process and management support along with the use of their name.

One of the most highly recommended home based businesses and one that makes top dollar today, is the making and selling of your own e-books. If you have the ability to write, and know a little about software programs, then e-books may be for you. Find a "niche-market" (a market to people looking for specific information that is inadequately covered by the major companies); publish an informative e-book on the subject and market to the world with e-bay or with your own affiliate program.

About The Author

Brian Pratt is a 48 year old New Zealander with over 10 years internet experience. If you are looking for a home based business opportunity be sure to view his website at http://www.bestrealincome.com.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Seven Tips for Starting Your Home Based Business
By: Trent Brownrigg

Now that you have decided to start a home based business, I want to start off by saying, “congratulations” and welcome to the wonderful world of being your own boss. While there is a lot to learn, your effort will be well worth it. The freedom and flexibility to set your own hours, the possibilities of ever-increasing financial security, the wonderful feeling of self accomplishment, and many more great rewards are all super reasons to start your home based business.

Those are just a few of the many thrills of owning your own home based business!

Now that you have decided to start your home based business, you might be wondering "How can I get it off to the strongest possible start?"

These seven tips will help you on your journey...

1) Set up a separate working space in your home. It doesn't matter if this is a spare bedroom, a part of the garage, a corner of the living room, or some other area away from the rest of the household activities. The important thing is to have some space that you can designate as your own working area. This will give you the space and room you need to craft your dream.

2) Stock your working space with proper materials. This may sound basic but one underlying element of success is that you have easy access to the tools, materials, and other resources you need. Gathering everything close by keeps you from wasting time searching for it, so this step can also be considered a time management strategy as well.

3) Speaking of time management, your third step is to define the parameters of your home based business. What days and hours will you work? When and where will you market? How will you provide services or products to clients? How will you keep all of this in order?

4) Balance action with planning. One of the most common pitfalls to a successful home based business is getting caught up in action without enough planning. Stated another way, this means that you confuse "being busy" with "working on important projects." The best approach is to plan your next couple of goals and then work backwards to create step-by-step action plans to reach them. Once you have the plan, it is now time to take the action.

5) Network like crazy. One of the fastest ways to grow any home business is to make connections with other people. Be sure to share your passion and enthusiasm with others at every opportunity you get. Let people know who you are and what you offer. Remember, people can't buy if they don't know you're selling.

6) Present a professional image. If you want to be treated professionally, present a professional image at all times. Set up a separate bank account for your home based business. Install a separate telephone and fax line. Create professional marketing materials. Be courteous and pleasant in all your customer interactions. Basically, just be someone people want to do business with.

7) Automate your business as much as you possibly can. I know you are just one person (right now) and might have a lot of extra time to take care of all the details. This might work for now, but it won't work into the future as your home business gets bigger and much busier. It's best to set up automatic systems and processes right from the start to help free up your valuable time in order to concentrate on the most profitable activities.

Following these seven tips will work wonders in getting your home based business started (and growing) in the right direction.

Now get out there and start building your home based business!

About The Author

Trent Brownrigg is a successful internet marketer and home business mentor. Find your home based business at http://www.work-at-home-jobs-iowa.com and he will personally help you succeed. Get your FREE “Biz Tips Newsletter” by sending a blank email to: workathomebiz@aweber.com

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Make 2006 Your Most Profitable Year Ever: 5 Crucial Steps for Every Entrepreneur
by: Germaine A. Hoston, Ph.D.

Many of us maintain the tradition of making New Year's resolutions for our personal lives. The New Year has just as special significance for our businesses too.

Whether you're an experienced business owner or are just starting out (or thinking about starting a business), there are 5 crucial steps you need to take at the beginning of the year to assure the 2006 is your most prosperous year ever.

1. If you have not done so yet, take advantage of the greatest tax shelter available today: the opportunity to start a small business and organize your business activities to generate multiple streams of income for you.

If you have been thinking about starting your own business but are still sitting on the fence, resolve to take action today! With the internet making getting into business for yourself easier and more cost-effective than ever, there's no excuse for not taking that crucial first step.

2. If you already own your own business make sure that you're generating income from more than once source.

This way, if changing economic conditions exercise a negative effect on one stream of income, you are not left high and dry (so to speak!). If you're involved in network marketing, you'll have to make a point of ignoring those who would have you focus exclusively on a single company (often start up) that might not be around 5 years from now). You can and should diversify (within reason, of course!).

3. Make sure that you are using the most advantageous structure for operating your business.

This applies to you whether you have a traditional bricks-and-mortar business, operate a UPS Store franchise, or are operating an e-business doing affiliate marketing.

If you're operating your business as a sole proprietor, as most small business owners do, your business is not in the most advantageous position to reap the fruits of the generous tax deductions available to small businesses. More important, you are placing all your personal assets, including your home, your vehicle, your personal savings, and your family's future at risk.

Today, it's no longer as cumbersome as it used to be to establish an alternative business structure that will protect you from such risk. And with all the resources now readily available to the average person at minimal cost, you don't have to incur massive legal fees just to get started.

4. Resolve to learn the information you need to know to operate your business in the most profitable manner.

Continuing education about structuring and operating your business is an absolute necessity for the entrepreneur. Even if you have an accountant or attorney on your mastermind team, how do you know if she has the knowledge and sophistication to handle this for you properly? Unfortunately, too many, do not, and their lack of expertise can cost you thousands of dollars. If your accountant or attorney tells you, for example, that you "don't need" an LLC or corporation to do business, you'll know to run--do not walk--out of their office as quickly as possible and search elsewhere for competent advice.

In addition, even if you have compentent counsel, it is your responsibility as a business owner to operate your company in accordance with governent requirements governing corporations, partnerships and LLCs.

5. Adopt a Mindset that Focuses on Tax Reduction as a Way of Life

The largest single expense of most Americans is taxes. To optimize your bottom line, you must be up to date on which expenses are tax deductible for your business and keep proper records to document them. Using a credit card--even a personal card dedicated to your business--and an accounting program that is specifically for businesses--we recommend QuickBooks by Intuit--will help you immensely in keeping track of your expenses. It can be bought at a substantial discount on eBay.

Implementing these 5 steps might sound complicated at first, but they are well worth the trouble. Remember that in running your business, "Keep it simple" can be costly advice. What simplest--setting up shop as a sole proprietor, operating on a cash basis, using your personal bank account instead of a separate business account for your business, and failing to track and document expenses using appropriate business accounting software--can hazardous to your financial future.

Take advantage of the fresh start spirit of the New Year to implement these 5 tasks, and you'll be on your way to making this year your most profitable ever.

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About The Author

Germaine A. Hoston, Ph.D. is a political economist, President of Azur Pacific Associates, and small business consultant. With over 20 years of experience, she has operated successful consulting, translation, and internet marketing businesses in the United States and France with clients worldwide. Receive a free special report when you sign up for her free eNewsletter for small business and home business entrepreneurs at: http://www.wealthstrategies202.com.


Monday, February 13, 2006

"Are We There Yet ?" (Or, How to measure your site's success.)


If you are a parent, you are certain to recognize this plaintive cry from the back seat. Today, however, we are more interested in measuring our progress with our online business.

If you are a webmaster or business owner online, How do

we know how far we have come? Are we succeeding with our plan ? What are some simple ways we may want

to implement to measure and determine the answer to that

familiar question, "Are we there yet ?"

Before you can answer that question you must have a goal,

a plan, an objective toward which you are headed. Depending

on the goal, here are 5 simple ways to measure your progress

on the internet.

1) Hit Counters--probably the most used method of determining

the "success" of a site.

There are many free hit counters available. Here are a few sites

that offer them:




All the way up from simple counting your visitors until tracking the

keywords they use to find you.

2)Customer Surveys can give you a lot of great feedback about how

your site is viewed by your visitors and potential customers.

Here are some possible site choices to create your own surveys:




3) Testimonials...they can't be bought, but they are worth their

weight in gold to the potential buyer who is wavering. The one

who needs someone else to verify that your business is really

credible and that you can be trusted to deliver as promised.

I suggest that you use a form to make it simple and easy for

visitors to your site to give you feedback about their visit.

Hopefully it will be positive...something to share with others.

Constructive criticism can be helpful too in order to improve

your site.

4) Sales. Well, what more can be said about this. The bottom

line is here for most. How much are we selling online? Are we

growing each month, year ?

5) For MLM type groups there is always the simple measurement

of the number in your downline. The more the better it seems.

For those interested in the overall, changing picture of

the internet. I refer you to:


You need a yardstick. The type of yardstick depends on

what it is your wanting to measure. Whatever it is, there

are resources online to help with your measurements.

One of them is certain to answer the question that is on

everyone's mind, "Are we there yet?"

Best of luck in your online efforts !

Larry Johnson, Author

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They're Interested, Now What?

By Stephanie Ward Platinum Quality Author

Some people may be ready to buy your products/services right away. But what do you offer to the rest of the people who are interested but want to know more? Creating a structured sales process for your business may not seem like an important component of creating and attracting more potential clients and I can promise you, it is.

Here’s what frequently happens. People may be interested in knowing more about what your business has to offer but they are busy. They don’t have time to find your phone number and call you or spend time navigating through your website trying to figure it out how to find out more, so they do nothing.

When you are clear about your sales process, and can communicate it easily and consistently, you will feel more confident and you will be able to make a connection with your prospective clients.

People need to know what action to take if they want to know more. Make it simple and make it easy. People appreciate structure and like to know what they can expect.

Begin to define your sales process by deciding on the first step. The one action you want every person who is interested in your business to take. Make it something that delivers value. Here are some ideas about what you can give to prospective clients:

1. Offer a free sample of your products/services

2. Offer to meet with them for a free consultation

3. Invite them to take an assessment or quiz

4. Invite them to sign up for your newsletter

5. Offer to send them a valuable free report

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. Let’s say you are at a networking event talking with Renee and she asks you, “What do you do?” You have prepared and rehearsed your fabulous elevator pitch (right?) so you share it. Renee seems intrigued, what do you do next? You can leave it there, finish your chat and move on. Or, you can say to Renee, “If you’re interested in knowing more, I can send you a special report. Would you like that?” See the difference?

Communicating the first stop of your sales process isn’t only important for prospective clients. It is also valuable to communicate it with strategic alliance partners so they can easily refer people to you. Make is easy for partners send you referrals by making the first step in your sales process clear to them.

Once you are clear on your first step, the one action you want prospective clients to take, incorporate it into every interaction you have and all of your marketing strategies. Think of things like this:

What you write:

- Text you will use to answer e-mails from prospective clients

- Text on your website

- Text on your business card (use the back of your card)

- Text in your e-mail signature

What you say:

- Words you will use when someone calls

- Words you will use when you meet someone face-to-face

- Words on your voice mail message

Once you have the first step established, decide what the next steps are until you have a complete process. The number of steps in your process will depend on your business and what you are offering. The most important step is the first one so start there. Utilize your sales process and be sure you follow through and follow up.

You’ve heard the expression ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ In business, you may not get a second chance to give a prospective client value. So choose your first step and start giving!

Life & Business Coach Stephanie Ward helps business owners set their profits on fire! Grab your free monthly profit tips plus bonus report at: http://www.fireflycoaching.com

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

All Talk And No Action; So Let It Be Written; So Let It Be Done!

By Richard Vegas

It is so important to know how to motivate ourselves in an effective manner and in a desirable direction. Throughout life we continually struggle between the dual forces of what we say and what we do. So, I ask you, what would you pay for a personal formula that would turn all your words into action?

A Kid After My Own Heart!

I was in a mall one day and saw a little child say to his father, "daddy, if you say please, I'll let you carry me". And, of course the father reached down with a big smile and picked up his son. Who could resist? I gave some thought to that scene and here are some things I considered.

Could that father have reacted differently? Probably! But the little boy didn't realize it but he went directly to the source of motivation. Right on the spot that kid turned his dad into putty in his hand.

I marveled as I watched this little kid motivate his father. Not motivating himself, but motivating his father. I think there is a key here.

Under His Thumb!

It was the words the little boy used to get the free ride he wanted. It's the words we use on ourselves that get us our free ride or, just another pain in the neck. The little boy could have stomped his foot and demanded to be picked up. That would probably not have motivated his father, or, at least motivated him in the wrong direction.

The right words bring motivation, the wrong words bring resistance. When the right words bring motivation, they bring confidence. It relaxes our defenses and we let our guard down. And then, we stop spending emotional energy to protect ourselves from possible failure. Instead we use that energy to reach for the probable rewards of success.

Say it And then Write it!

Anyone who writes a letter affects the subconscious mind of the person reading it through suggestion. A person may not accept your advice when given to them verbally. Many times because the advice does not come over as a sincere suggestion, it comes across as orders. And, then they ball up like a knot.

At that moment, the timing may be dead wrong for the other person to accept what you say emotionally. Perhaps the only thing he can think about at the moment is; he is a day late and a dollar short and your suggestions to him are about as interesting as two blind men having a conversation in a foreign language. You're trying to philosophize him, and He is facing all out war and sees you as slow as molasses in January.

But, that same person would accept a well written and sincere letter you write to them with open arms. If properly written it would be read over and over, studied frequently and digested. Ok, so what's the point?

Here it is. To write a letter you have to think. You have to formulate your ideas and put them on paper. And when you discover something you're about to write stinks, you can back off and change it. And, the things you say direct the other person's mind, and your own, in the direction you want it to go.

Just Call A Spade A Spade!

Example: all these articles, that I write, are words that I share with you in hopes of motivating you. Some things that I say are controversial and most people would not write such things. But, people accept it from me and realize that's just the way I am. They know that I love all of you and just trying to help and, I do it through my own silly style and backhanded compliments.

I have noticed that even when I read something I've written it has more of an impact on me emotionally. Not, because I wrote it, but because I'm reading it. The power of the written word on our minds is very motivating.

The words that you read somehow seem to be more believable than if someone speaks them. That is not to discount what a well qualified person says, that dude might be as sharp as a cafeteria meatball; it's just the way we learned from our childhood.

We believe what we read in books; it's a subconscious function, until we come across some scatterbrain that's full of alphabet soup. When he says something that completely goes against our personal beliefs or what we know to be true.

Let her Rip!

Let's look at some specifics: Let's take a person who is bothered by timidity. You already know what I think of fear; it's about as useful as a yard full of pump water.

Well, what's the opposite of timidity? Aggressiveness! So, how can a person with fear motivate himself to round third and head for home? Two ways; first, by repeating as an example, "be aggressive", frequently throughout the day.

He should do this especially when in a situation that causes the fear. And, say "Do it now". Secondly, read books and articles that direct his mind in the direction he wants it to go. If the problem area is fear, he will want to read self help books about success and motivation.

The words that he reads will make an impression on his subconscious. That's why I caution people to be very careful what they read.

You will become what you feed your mind on. The subconscious is like a sponge. It will soak up anything and everything you feed it. And, it couldn't care less if you've strayed off the reservation and now stewing in your own juice.

The Ball's in Your Court!

So, here is your formula for personal achievement. Read something that inspires you and then, to be enthusiastic, ACT enthusiastic. Or, whatever you're attempting to do. A great psychologist once said "if we act as if we feel in any given way, in time our feelings catch up with our actions".

And the action can be physical or it can be mental. A thought can be stimulating but it's the action that causes the change in behavior from one direction to another.

Here are some techniques to help you. When you repeat an expression that you wish to use in changing a behavior, say it "loudly." This is particularly important if you are emotionally upset. If you have a fear of something like speaking in public, talk loudly.

Talk rapidly. Your mind functions faster when you speak rapidly. Plus, your mind doesn't have time to tell you that your doing something you're afraid of because you're too busy thinking of the next sentence.

Emphasize words that are important in the context of your situation. Example: If you are worried, say "PEACE", loudly and rapidly with emphasis to make an impression on the subconscious. It will listen and will bring about peace to your emotions.

Your Mission In Life!

But, most important, and always, Do It Now!! . If you will do this, you will prove to yourself that you can motivate yourself to action and create desirable change to any behavior you want. Now, go look in the mirror at that Cheshire-Cat Smile. :>)

Richard Vegas © Richard Vegas is a popular recording artist and internet marketing professional. He invites you to subscribe to his FREE weekly ezine "Wing-Tips" The Success System That Never Fails at: http://1-work-at-home-based-business-opportunities.com/Articles/articles.html You may also hear and follow Richard's music career at: http://richardvegas.com

How To Get Diversified Sources Of Income?

By Lil Waldner
Money is an important, but often scarce agent to make matters easier in life. Most of the people rely on a regular source of income. It’s more and more important to diversify the sources of income.

Why are diversified income sources needed?

The days of a life long occupation are over in most of the industrialised countries. A lot of people experience once or even several times phases of unemployment. The rate of unemployed people remains high in most of the countries. Thus, it is important not to rely on the income source of a single job.

It’s an advantage to have different income sources during the life cycle:

Students appreciate an extra income.

A lot of families have to struggle with their monthly budget. They need more income opportunities. Parents seek a way to combine family life with work. Young mothers are particularily faced with the challenge to bring up their children and earn money at the same time.

An increasing number of working people are forced by the companies to retire early as pensioners. All these people still could work but the companies want to cut costs. The income of a pension is often not sufficient to cover the expenses.

Conclusion: Many people rely on an extra income. They need different income sources to manage their life.

How to achieve diversified income sources?

The internet is a convenient way to build up different income sources. It offers unlimited opportunities to make money. The work can be done from the comfort of the home. It can be combined easily with a day job. People who work in shifts also can do some home business.

What is needed to make extra money?

Only a computer and internet access are needed to make some extra money from home. There is a great choice of already made home business opportunities to join. The problem is to find the right opportunity. What is realistic and what is hype? Some home business advertisements promise quick money and fancy incomes. They only sell hopes and dreams. It takes time to find the right home business opportunity. It’s not possible to make thousands of Dollars a day within a few weeks. It’s possible to develop a sound income and even to make some money in an early stage of the home business venture. Furthermore the internet offers the opportunity to make money with very low investments. Everybody gets a chance.

Make the right choice!

Research is needed to find the appropiate income opportunity. It’s often a matter of luck to run into a business that is really promising. Exploiting niche marketing can be successful, because one does not need to struggle with powerful competitors. Getting into a new, evolving market could set the base of a small fortune. There are no limits within the world wide web.

Lil Waldner is a business economist. She is experienced in project management and marketing. She has worked as editor of newspapers and she has written booklets and essays with economic and public issues. Visit the web site: http://www.makemoneytip.com

3 Little Words Equal More Power To You!

By Richard Vegas
Life shouldn't be so complicated. Have you ever wondered why it is? Have you ever thought; "why can't I figure this out?" Have you ever said; "I don't have an attitude problem, you have a perception problem?" Why are our lives so complicated?

And Even My Reality Check Bounced!

I think living is a lot simpler than what we realize. I think living can be boiled down to three words. Listen, then Act! Listen to what? Act on what? How about listening to that still quiet voice inside your head that is constantly trying to get your attention?

How many times have you had a big issue to deal with and had a thought that you just let pass. Maybe you thought; "no, that won't fix it!" Then another; "nah…that's not the answer either." Now granted, maybe it didn't look like the right solution. Maybe it just didn't have the right feel, or some elements seemed to be missing.

Well, hardly is any solution as clear as crystal when it first comes to light. There are always some facets of it that need to be hammered out. And, that requires some more "listening." But, most of the time we go running off half cocked with partial information and cause ourselves a big pain in the neck.

Earlier we said living can be boiled down to three words. Listen then Act. Acting is only half of what we need to do to bring success. The problem is; most people spend ninety percent of the time focused on the acting and ten percent focused on the listening, if any at all.

Waiting Lasts Too Long!

Inherent in listening is an element of patience. And most of the time, we find ourselves long on need and short on patience. Living in a microwave world makes it tough to live patiently. But, learning the art of listening will make patience seem more tolerable.

Here's why. Waiting on something we desperately need, makes us feel like we are idle and irresponsible. Keeping the patience makes us feel like we're doing nothing.

We keep having the feeling, "we should be doing something." Maybe you have heard the saying, "if it is to be, it's up to me!" Maybe so, but, not necessarily Tonto. You have some help you may not even know about.

Patience just doesn't conjure up the right kind of emotions in us to be still that long. The more the time passes the more impatient we become. But, Listening seems to be, and feels more like a pro-active function that we can tolerate.

Easy AS ABC!

It feels, at least somewhat, that we are doing something constructive to the completion of this problem. And the good part about listening is, that it's our spirit trying to give us the answers we need.

But, to make this an analogy; our spirit is a perfect gentleman/lady. He never imposes himself on our desires. If we want to go off half cocked, he will just be silent till we calm down. When we finally get quiet, he will give leading once again.

Maybe that just answered a question that many have had about why inspiration comes so sporadically. Have you ever had to wait till the fifty ninth second to get an answer you needed?

At the very last moment of truth, you were finally and totally out of all answers, ready to just let happen whatever was going to happen, and in the quietness of your mind and body your spirit sends the answer. Personally, for me, this happens mostly when I'm totally out of all resources to help myself.

Getting Over The Hump!

Have you ever said this to someone; "the answer is just on the tip of my tongue?" That's a pretty good sign you need to get quiet and spend a little time listening to your spirit. He's trying to give you answers and you are too busy doing "stuff", that's going nowhere, and wandering around, for forty years, on the back side of the desert.

The point I'm trying to make is; we are the ones that make our lives complicated and difficult. Life was never meant to be a series of disappointments followed by death. We are just not using the tools we have been given to live it efficiently.

The hardest problems I've ever solved in my life were the ones that I just jumped right on top of and showed it who was boss. I may have solved it, but, I knew I had been in a fight with Magilla Gorilla when it was over.

Give It A Rest!

The easiest problems I've ever solved in my life were the one's that I took the time to listen to my spirit and see what he might have to say about it. A word of caution! You can't listen effectively to your spirit while watching the Texas Chain Saw Massacre! Sorry, but he wants some quiet in the room!

Now I'm not trying to tell you that you need to spend ten hours a day listening to your spirit and trying to find out what he has to say about any problem you may be facing. Your spirit's got more sense than that. He's no dummy and realizes you have to make decisions.

What your spirit wants from you is a little respect and recognition. He wants you to run to him for answers instead of running headlong into a brick wall and wind up chasing your tail in every direction. You ever seen a dog chasing his tail? Going in circles and not getting anywhere! How dumb can you get?

Learning how to listen to your spirit only takes a few minutes a day. Daily practice of quiet time and listening will bring great rewards. The more you do it, the more you will be able to discern good information from "noise" in your mind which is just chatter.

Deep in your spirit is the answer for every problem life can throw at you. But, your spirit has some rules and you have to follow them. They're not hard. As we said, living was not designed to be hard; we are the ones that make it hard.

The Two Commandments!

Rule number one: recognize that quiet time, listening to your spirit, is crucial for your problem solving ability. Rule number two: develop a little humility when the answer comes. And, when you solve it, don't be too quick to hog all the credit. A little humility won't hurt you.

Let me give you an illustration: Find a quiet place, sitting in a comfortable chair, with good posture, close your eyes and blank everything out of your mind.

As you remain quiet thoughts and ideas will come to you. Some will be noise and chatter; some will be worth listening to for more information. The longer you do it, the more efficient you'll become at listening.

Last But Not Least!

Finally, when the most plausible answer comes, the one you feel has the best chance of working, get up and go "act". But, you didn't need me to tell you that. Most of us are pretty good at burning the candle at both ends. But, "listening to our spirit", tends to get our knickers all in a twist.

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