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Sunday, June 11, 2006

How to Really Avoid Internet Money Scams

By: Tony Kitson

The internet is a wonderful place, it has truly shrunk the world, I am only in my early thirties and I remember when if we wanted to know something we had to look in a book! horror of horrors. Now we just google it (yes we even have new verbs) and the answer (along with a million others) just pops up in front of us.

Ok my point is, people living now have never had such a powerful tool at their fingertips. We should be excited.

Those of us who want to make a living can now do so on the internet, the boundaries are down, the world is our oyster, we can all now have an equal opportunity to have a professional shop window open to the world. It doesn't matter who you are with a bit of work and perseverance anyone can have a slice of the money available out there.

Now the bad bit. I am sure like me you want to make some money, perhaps a lot of money, and you want to do it in a legal and ethical manner, but we are not all like that. Like the maps of the first explorers that warned "here there be dragons" the internet has its own dragons (lots of them and some even wear nice suits), but there are ways to avoid all the dragons and their scams and lies.

I have been making my living on the internet for 10 years now (that’s just about as long as it has been possible), and I have devised a few rules that I want to share, rules that will hopefully help you to make some money and importantly avoid loosing it. Here they are.

1/ if it looks too good to be true it is! You must have seen the claims make $100,000 a week by next Tuesday (I wish I was exaggerating but I am not), all it costs is $47. Ok if you see one of these ask your self this question if you had a system where you could make that kind of money in such a short time would you tell people for $47, (no me either). Treat your new internet business like any other it's going to take time to build your income!

2/ The next statement these scams usually make is it won't cost you any money other than the initial cost! to be fair a few non scams make the same promise. However to make any decent sum of money You are going to have to spend some money to promote your online business, the good news is you can get away with spending a lot less than with a "traditional" business like a shop but you will be spending something. There are lots of free promotion tools but most are worth exactly what they cost i.e. nothing.

3/ Anything that says, send your ad to millions automatically, Or at the push of a button, auto submit to this or blast that, divert millions of hits instantly, you must have seen them, you know who they are. Well here is the truth,(a) THEY DON'T WORK! (b) THEY DON'T WORK! I know what you’re thinking but what if? well (c) THEY DON'T WORK! go back and read the previous line guess what (d) THEY DON'T WORK!

Get it? Sorry, the only way to submit to search engines and get noticed is by hand. Same goes for RSS feeds, article sites, blog directories, etc. You need to do a bit of work but the results are worth it.

Take a look at this product which I DON'T Recommend, it's typical of the auto submitter type scam.Read the sales page and note how persuasive it is, then please come back and read the rest of the article. Remember it doesn't work, but I bet you are tempted! That's the power of the scammer.


4/ Anything that promises you will get results with no work is a scam. (see previous point)

6/ Make money from by sending $3 to five people on your paypal transaction list schemes and their ilk also don't work (there aren’t enough people in the world to sustain the matrix). That’s even true if you are near the top and you won't be! Oh and they are illegal yes even though they say they aren’t shock horror they lie to you in their e-mail. well they would wouldn't they. Hey you may make a few dollars but you may also loose your isp, paypal account and wind up in court too! not worth it is it.

By the way the same goes for most MLM schemes too, they are legal (borderline in some cases), but there are not enough people to sustain the matrix, some will make money most will loose it don’t risk it.

5/ Don't post to FFA sites they don't work, your ad will be visible on the site for maybe 2 hours, if you are lucky! Unfortunately nobody looks at them anyway. You will however get thousands of e-mails for your trouble. There is a way to use these sites to your advantage though, for more info go here.


It's my business partner Gemma's little secret, I know lots of Gemma's little secrets, but I'm not telling (I'll be in trouble when she reads this).

It's not all Doom gloom doom gloom, yes I know it seems that way, but believe it or not I am a big fan of the internet as a way to make money, (that’s because I have done it) so here are my golden rules follow them my child and you too can have peace happiness and achieve ultimate fulfilment. Ok now I sound like a scam ! follow them and you will have a better than fair chance of making a bit and improving your lot. Here they are.

1/ Don't give up, it will take time.

2/ If your thinking of joining a scheme, do your research, if it’s a scam it will have caught some people, and they will be shouting about it all over the net.

3/ Be prepared to do a bit of work,

4/ Treat it seriously, this is your new business

5/ Be ethical and do things in the right way, Ok the dark side seems to offer quick profits but in the long run you will make more if you build a loyal band of people who respect you and your judgment.

6/ Be focused and stick with it, by that I mean, if you have chosen a path or program and have researched it and it works for other people, don't go changing path just because it is slow to build

7/ If you spend a few weeks and nothing happens even if you follow all the advice DUMP IT.

Ok I hope this sage advice helps you, and I wish you every success in your endeavours.

Oh by the way if you want to see a program that meets all my stringent
criteria for a successful scam free opportunity take a look at this


Article Source: http://articlenexus.com

Tony Kitson and Gemma Kingston run a succesfull Internet business , Tony has been making a full time income from the net for 10 years now. Their site www.planetcash.org/ is dedicated to helping people avoid internet scams and cons.


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