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Monday, June 19, 2006

Affiliate Marketing: Find A Niche

Affiliate marketing is when a person sets ups a website with the purpose of driving traffic to another website in which they make a purchase or in some cases signup for something.

The affiliate marketer is then rewarded with a commission which could either be a commission or a flat rate. When people think about getting into affiliate marketing they always tend to think porn, poker, and free ringtones. Those three areas have a lot of people making a lot of money but the competition in those areas are huge which is one reason not to get involved.

If you evaluate all three markets you will see their flaws. In regards to porn, there are many, many places on the internet to get it free, so in a lot of cases it may be difficult to get someone to click through a link and sign up. I also believe that signing up for a porn website is an impulse thing which is hard to depend on as an affiliate marketer. I regards to poker for an affiliate to get a bonus a player has to download the poker software, sign up, and make a deposit. In most cases I would think a person interested in playing poker would go directly to a poker site but that isn’t always the case. Poker can also be considered an impulse situation. In regards to ringtone, people are enticed by those banners that say free but in reality the ringtone isn’t free. Entering your phone number subscribes you to a ringtone subscription and once people realize that they don’t sign up.

One of the biggest ways people try to take advantage of these campaigns is by using pay per click (PPC) to experiment in the end they only lose cash. Instead of focusing on those markets it would be easier to pursue niche markets preferably products. The reason products are better is because people can come to your site click through a link and get what they are looking for. In the other cases you depend on impulse buys which isn’t steady.

In sum focus on niche markets when doing affiliate marketing. It offers less competition, lower cost per click (CPC) rates, and it is a lot easier to increase search engine rank.


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